Kings (NBC 2009) - The Complete Series

Starring: Ian McShane as King Silas Benjamin, Christopher Egan as Capt. David Shepherd, Sebastian Stan as Prince Jack Benjamin, Susanna Thompson as Queen Rose Benjamin, Allison Miller as Princess Michelle Benjamin, Eamonn Walker as Rev. Ephram Samuels
Summary: A modern day, alternate-reality drama about a hero who rises to become the King of his nation, based on the biblical story of King David.
Genre: Drama
Rating: TV-14
Trigger warnings: click to view

Why you should watch KingsThough cancelled after only one season (fuck you, NBC), Kings remains one of the most quality shows I have ever seen. Of particular note is Sebastian Stan’s character, Jack Benjamin, the crown prince of Gilboa that keeps himself closeted to please his father (his father explains that to be a successful king, Jack cannot be ‘what God made him’). He cries a lot, and it’s beautiful. I really cannot say enough good things about this show.

Episodes: (.abc -> .avi)

101 - Goliath mega | mediafire
102 - Prosperity mega | mediafire
103 - First Night mega | mediafire
104 - Insurrection mega | mediafire
105 - Judgment Day mega | mediafire
106 - Brotherhood mega | mediafire
107 - The Sabbath Queen mega | mediafire
108 - Pilgrimage mega | mediafire
109 - Chapter One mega | mediafire
110 - Javelin mega | mediafire
111 - The New King, part one mega | mediafire
112 - The New King, part two mega | mediafire

I hope you enjoy (or at least continue watching through your tears)!

Click here for more Sebastian Stan downloads!

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